• Strøm Jug_Stoneware Pitcher_by Raawii_Nave Shop_online concept store
  • Strøm Jug_Stoneware Pitcher_by Raawii_Nave Shop_online concept store

Strøm Jug Green Gables


The Strøm stoneware jug is ideal as a classic vessel for serving liquids, use it as a vase or as a stand alone object, adding a pop of colour in the right spot. Geometric, contrasting but harmonious shapes and colours, the range is a wonderful way for you to curate your space and be bold regarding the combinations you create. 



15 cm Width I 24 cm Height

Strøm Collection

Raawiis Strøm collection is a beautiful example of strong, modern danish Design. 

Inspired by early 20th century cubism, designer Nicholai Wiigh Hansen shapes the Raawii universe through experimental sketching and modeling techniques. The outcome ensures refined simplicity in the geometrical shapes and colours that has been translated into functional everyday objects. 

Raawii creates design which marks people with lasting impressions. Their products are versatile and refined, adding value and sentiment to any space you choose. Raawii lives and works by three ground rules: Products with a sense of proportion. Room for designers. And production with respect for people and society. Raawii was founded in 2017 to make a difference with refined and timeless design, based in Copenhagen.

Additional Information

Earthenware handmade in Portugal

Designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen

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