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The IO Modular Vase Collection

IO is a modular vase that adapts to your floral needs. Made from porcelain, with a smooth, soft sheen, glaze finish and multiple possibilities. 

The IO Set XYZ is a complete set containing 3 tops plus the basic vase body. With this Set you have the right vase for all flowers, bouquets and twigs! The top attachments come in three different colours and are a beautiful combination with the white body. 

Expand your IO vase with the XYZ attachments in height, colour and lip opening. The IO base can be used as an independent vase or add and stack up with the colourful attachments as necessary!

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I love this colder weather. Time to get cosy at home with tea and candles and a big woolly blanket. Check out this individual collection of blankets. I have a range of cotton ones too in case wool isn't your thing ; )

The ZigZagZürich Artist collections are designed by a group of international artists to create unique and beautiful items that are real eye catchers. I hope you enjoy the designs as much as I do. 


What is NAVE?

NAVE [neiv] (ltn Navis: Ship)

NAVE was created to bring together a modern consumer, conscious of their consumption and impact on the environment with brands and artisans who produce timeless design, ecologically, ethically and to a fair price…

At NAVE, I source beautiful products from great artisans all over the world – from some of the best carpet weavers in India to Scandinavian ceramists. I try and find things that are original and unique but useful and cleverly designed.

If you like great stuff produced by artisans who love what they do and deserve recognition for it then you’ll find that here.

I consider design to be democratic and should be available wherever you are, whoever you are. I'd love to take you on this journey and show you some insights and design inspirations. 

Let's support these design heroes and I can’t wait to introduce you to some of the ones in the pipeline, show you behind the scenes stuff and reveal how the items are made.

NAVE is about delivering good & beautiful things. I hold myself to a high standard to bring you beautiful modern classics that you will enjoy for years at a fair price.