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A delightful and unique collection of tableware items that range from classic to very modern and fun. All items are handpicked from family run businesses or craftsman and all are made in Europe.

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"NAVE stands for hand picked, original design pieces"

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Stenholt Glass

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Stenholt Glass

Rikke Stenholt has been creating and selling her unique pieces of homeware in a beautiful old building in the centre of Aarhus since the early 90's. Her creations are exceptional in their distinctive usage of colour and organic forms.

Her studio is open and you can watch Rikke working with the hot glass in her workshop as she creates her unique style of glass art. So if you're in Aarhus, take the opportunity to watch the master at work. 


What is NAVE?

NAVE [neiv] (ltn Navis: Ship)

NAVE was founded by Juliette Nickel in 2019. After several roles in the fashion industry Juliette decided to turn her hand in the interior design industry. With a great love and passion for interior design since childhood she soon found her footing and realized that she could use her keen eye and many a skill learnt in the fashion industry to put together her unique selection of interior products. From post modernist textiles to handmade ceramics from Mexico, this brightly coloured and extraordinary collection of items is especially tailored to like minded aficionados of modern architecture, art and design.  

So, if you like great stuff produced by artisans who love what they do and deserve recognition for it then you’ll find that here.

Simply Good & Beautiful Things.