Bauhaus Inspired

the Bauhaus movement isn't easy to define. Founded by Walter Gropius in 1919 it was a school of design that aimed to teach traditional craftsmanship, architecture and much much more. It emphasized functionality and approachable design at an affordable price - stepping out from the heady flourishes of the 19th Century this approach was a breath of fresh air and produced design greats such as Mies van der Rohe, Gunta Stölzl and lead the way for modern design and has left design imprints on many of our favourite products today. This small collection uses the same principles: traditional craftsmanship, sleek forms, bright colours and clever functionality.

  • Beak Carafe by Iris Apfel & Tomas Kral


  • Tomado Book Shelf - Primary Colours


  • Confetti Boards


  • Jak Mini Coat Hanger


  • Ecrin Storage Box Small


  • Allegro Cutlery Set ACD Mix


  • Bauhaused 1 Wool Blanket by Rondelli & Probst


  • Tomado Shelving System - Black and White


  • Red Cheque Wallpaper by Studio DNNK


  • Half Moon Carafe Blue


  • Cibele Plant Stand Large


  • Gate Wool Blanket by Nathalie Du Pasquier & George Sowden


  • MOEBE - Wall Mirror Small


  • Cibele Plant Stand Medium


  • Concrete Booles Slim - Turquoise


  • Boîte Metal Boxes White