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Set of 2 Coupe Glasses

Nude Glass

23.00 - €

A modern take on the classic champagne coupe and a beautiful addition to the tabletop or drink trolley - these expertly crafted coupe glasses stand out with their sharp and precise silhouettes. 

  • 2 Coupe Glasses
  • holds 220 cc 
  • 11 cm width I 17,4 cm height
  • lead-free crystal
  • perfect shape for champagne, classic and modern day cocktails


Part of the NUDE Savage collection designed by the world-class mixologist Rémy Savage, their minimalist design works equally well in casual and formal settings. Presented in a set of two - perfect for a romantic evening at home or add extra sets to your purchase for a more festive collection. 



The Story Behind the Coupe

A saucy and persistent rumor prevails that the shallow bowl shape of the coupe glass was modeled on the breasts of Marie Antoinette - Queen of France and all things slightly over the top, how could they have been modeled on another. An unlikely story but it does say something about the perceived sexiness of the coupe. After all, it was the Champagne vessel of choice for 1920’s flappers, and Hollywood leading ladies from Marilyn Monroe to Sophia Loren were frequently photographed imbibing from a coupe in their heydays. 

The Champagne coupe isn’t just sexy, it’s also elegant and a delight to sip from the wider rim. 

However champagne flutes have been creeping onto the scene since the 70s with enthusiasts claiming they’re better suited to prolonging the trademark bubbles. But we would rather sacrifice a few bubbles for a bit of tradition and bundles of style because if you have to worry about your bubbles, maybe you’re just not drinking fast enough.