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  • Scoreboard Natural Bamboo Small; The Nave Shop

Scoreboard Natural Bamboo Small

We Do Wood

110.00 - €

Scoreboard is a fun and family friendly way to tidy up your warderobe area. The pins can be moved around according to your needs and mood. Just lift a pin out and move it to an available space ; )  Scoreboard was designed to interact and diversify through countless possibilities, as the boards can be used individually or be combined to create a multifunctional piece of furniture. Time to get creative!


Bamboo: is a natural material and therefore colour differences may occur.

We do Woods Moso Bamboo is FSC certified, it's chemical and most importantly formaldehyd free. What's formaldehyd? It's a volatile organic compound (VOC), meaning that it will become a gas at room temperature, releasing the chemicals into your home and is often used in modern furniture production as an adhesive. But not here!

Due to the nature of the Bamboo plant you will be reducing your carbon footprint as Bamboo grows much faster than conventional wood, and can be harvested like crop instead of felling the entire tree. It also takes in 66% more CO2 and releases 33% more O2 than conventional types of wood. 


Each scoreboard includes 12 pegs with painted edges and different lengths: 

4 x 4 cm (2 white, 2 pink)

4 x 8 cm pegs ( 2 red, 2 steel blue) 

4 x 12 cm pegs (2 green, 2 light blue) 

Final product assembly is completed at home.


Size: 17cm x 36cm 

Weight: 1 Kg


To maintain the appearance of the wood you can sand it down with sandpaper (grain 180) in the direction of the fibre. Afterwards apply three layers of linseed oil to protect the wood further. 

Clean the bamboo with a damp cloth applying a little soap as necessary.