• Loop Shelf Natural Bamboo; The Nave Shop
  • Loop Shelf Natural Bamboo; The Nave Shop
  • Loop Shelf Natural Bamboo; The Nave Shop
  • Loop Shelf Natural Bamboo; The Nave Shop

Loop Shelf Natural Bamboo

135.00 - €

Loop Shelf is a highly flexible and modular shelving system. The shelves can be used individually or combined to create a complete shelving solution. The specially designed loop-shaped brackets are mounted directly onto the bamboo shelf, creating a light and exceptionally strong piece of furniture. Designer Sebastian Jørgensen explains: “…my intention with Loop Shelf was to reshape the traditional shelf and give it more form and function. The shelf is very thin and yet 26 cm deep to give it more functionality and the turned bamboo parts add strength and are also used for mounting the shelf.”


The Loop Shelf furniture parts are made from certified moso bamboo, one of the most sustainable natural resources the world has. We Do Wood only work with certified plantations. This is our guarantee that our bamboo is grown without any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Furthermore the bamboo processing and furniture manufacturing is done without the use of harmful chemicals and all adhesives used during processing and production has the lowest formaldehyde emissions in the industry. The brackets are available in brass or black steel, which can easily be recycled when the product has reached end of life.

Bamboo is a natural material and colour differences may occur. Final product assembly is done at home. Cleaning of bamboo is done by a damped cloth applied with a little soap. Maintenance is done by sanding with sandpaper (grain 180) in the fibre direction. Afterwards 3 treatments with linseed oil should be applied


Heigt: 31cm

Width: 72cm

Depth: 26cm

Weight: 1,5kg


 Natural Bamboo

Brass or black coated steel brackets