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Deep Clean Facial Mask


34.00 - €

A gentle, organically derived clay in its purest form to brighten and refine the skin. Rich in natural minerals, clay will draw out the skins’ toxins leaving pores clear and their appearance minimized. Made with organic and superfine french clay that acts like a magnet, to remove any impurities and leaving skin velvety soft, stimulating blood circulation and leaving the skin glowing. 


✓ Deep Congestion

✓ Pore refinement

✓ Even out skin tone

✓ Skin allergies (acne, eczema, hives)


When clay dries, it acts like a magnet that will draw out any impurities and leave skin velvety soft and stimulate blood circulation that leaves skin glowing. Clay can be used as a spot treatment directly onto blemishes overnight until the blemish is gone.

Mineral: Illite - The Absorber Illite has extraordinary absorbent qualities that clear aways excess bacteria, sebum, dead skin cells and deeply embedded clogged pores. Also known to release essential minerals that boost the skin's’ overall health and regenerative process.

Mineral: Montmorillonite - The Healer Montmorillonite acts as a calming antibiotic treatment to heal skin infections such as acne, eczema or hives. An amazing accelerator for healing sensitive skin.

Mineral: Kaolinite - The Nourisher Kaolinite is the gentle mineral that will soften and replenish the skin while supplying the skin with a potent dose of natural minerals.


100% Organic Superfine Green French Clay


COSMOS, ECO Certified, Vegan




Virtually Odorless


Extracted from the infamous Argile du Velay region in France, known for the purest deposits of the earth's’ natural green clay.


MERME has leaves the ingredients as they should be - natural colours and smells - there are no added fragrances or preservatives.

All MERME ingredients are EU and ECO Certified by trusted suppliers.


Apply one teaspoon with water to form a paste and distribute evenly onto the face or affected areas. With a brush works best. Wait until the mask starts to dry then wash off with water. Suitable for all skin types. Avoid contact with eyes.