• Big Top Whisky Glasses - NAVE shop - online concept store
  • Big Top Whisky Glasses - NAVE shop - online concept store
  • Big Top Whisky Glasses - NAVE shop - online concept store

Big Top Set of 4 Whisky Glasses

Drawing inspiration from the circus, this NUDE Big Top set of whisky glasses has been etched with a raised linear pattern - at once tactile and seamless. The glass has a very satisfying weight to it as it has a deep weighty bottom. I think this also enhances the design and highlights the contents of the glass - almost framing the contents. 

The pure and refined silhouette is cast from clear lead-free crystal and can be combined with the larger Highball glass for a fun yet sophisticated table setting. 



London based Youmeus Design concentrates on the creation of products and consumer experiences - beginning with a fascination for the various ways that people live and the myriad different ways in which humans experience daily life. Through their philosophy and creativity, Youmeus unlock radical and imaginative ideas, glamorous, playful and savy visuals, and generate new opportunities for brands on the vanguard of their industries. 


Simple is beautiful. Simple is pure. Simple is essential. 

NUDE refines everything to its essence, decluttering and distilling. This makes the final object simple to both understand and use. The result is perfectly reflected in NUDE crystalline glass. 

This idea of simplicity is the guiding principle of NUDE. Whereas the mastery of craftsmanship is a signature of the NUDE brand. 

NUDE prides itself in its artisanal approach to glassware, specializing in handmade, pure crystalline glass, whether the pieces are blown, pressed or press-blown. With 350 master blowers, NUDE continues to hand-make much of the world's most acclaimed glassware. 


320 cc I 84 mm I 88 mm

Lead-free crystal

Inspired by the circus

Etched with a raised linear pattern

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