• Plastic-Free Bamboo Toothbrush; The Nave Shop
  • Plastic-Free Bamboo Toothbrush; The Nave Shop

Bamboo Toothbrush


3.90 - €

The bamboo toothbrush by Bambusliebe is the sustainable alternative to standard plastic toothbrushes. Due to ist wave shaped handle it‘s comfortable to use and just as easily to handle as a conventional toothbrush. The soft, medium or hard bristles guarantee a satisfactory brush. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and extremely resistant to germ formation. Help free the world from unnecessary plastic waste and focus on sustainability.

  • waveform
  • bristles from bamboo viscose 
  • antibacterial 
  • vegan 
  • BPA-free 

Length: 19cm 

Weight: 9g


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