• moody face candle, scented sweet pear soy candle, designed by la lepet
  • moody face candle, scented sweet pear soy candle, designed by la lepet

Mood Candle #3

La Lepet

A unique, one of a kind moody face candle. The hand crafted marble-based candle jar lifts the moodiest spirit with this special, custom moody face design of coloured glass.

Each face design is absolutely unique and handmade by the designer Anastasia in her Barcelona studio. A newly improved design has been cleverly adjusted with a special wick holder to allow the wax to burn down fully, this results in a cleaned out jar - perfectly suitable for re-use as a storage jar or plant pot. 

The candle wax is scented with sweet pear, a spicy mix with notes of mint - a perfect summer home perfume. 

220gr scented soy candle.


Ready to ship straight away, national shipping within Germany takes a maximum of 3-4 days and up to a week for other European countries. 

Our local delivery service in Cologne means your order will be with you the same day if you order before 2pm. 

La Lepet

Anastasia is the creative mind behind behind La Lepet. Her passion for candles came about as part of her appreciation of a cozy home. Her endeavor of comfort, ambience and beauty combined with a sense of whimsy are poured into the La Lepet candle and give birth to this beautiful concept. 

All candles and their beautifully designed jars are handmade in Barcelona with ingredients from local suppliers.

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