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  • Concrete Bowl, Booles Mid, Nave Shop - online concept store
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Concrete Booles Mid - Blue

Von morgen

The booles are designed to impress by minimalism. A sphere subtracted from a cylinder makes up these simple shapes. With their smooth surface and super-thin rims, these vessels push concrete to its limit. The family of three harmonizes in form and colour. These simple concrete bowls work within any interior. Use these decorative vessels as fruit bowls, to serve dry food, showcase your jewellery or as planters – get creative!

Available in: Blue, Green, Turquoise, White and Black. 



Width: 140mm I Height: 60mm

Weight: 1000g I Capacity: 375ml


Ready to ship straight away, national shipping within Germany takes a maximum of 3-4 days and up to a week for other European countries. 

Our local delivery service in Cologne means your order will be with you the same day if you order before 2pm. Let us know when we can deliver to you via the notes in check out.


High-performance concrete, dyed all the way through (no paint finish) Impregnated with food safe liquid glass (waterproof) Finished with beeswax (limited oil resistance).


Each bowl is checked and finished by hand to guarantee a perfect finish with no major air bubbles, super thin rims and an ultra smooth surface.

All bowls have 4 small transparent rubber feet (2mm height) attached to the bottom to protect your surfaces from scratches. Available in: Blue, Green, Turquoise, White and Black


Just as glass or ceramics, concrete will break or chip if not handled with care.

We suggest to only place dry foods and goods in our concrete tableware. Oils can stain. These stains might disappear after time but if you plan to use our tableware as traditional dishes you have to be aware that these will then age a little.

Vinegar and other acids can etch the concrete after prolonged exposure.

Strong colours like turmeric can cause stains.

We suggest to avoid a dishwasher and simply clean the plates with warm water by hand. For a continued protection we recommend to apply a fresh layer of beeswax every now and then.

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