• blue moon design cushion by Haus Üger, hand tufted wool cushion, nave shop
  • blue moon design cushion by Haus Üger, hand tufted wool cushion, nave shop

Blue Moon Cushion

Haus Üger

Each Haus Üger cushion is a unique creation and hand tufted by Trine Üger herself in her Denmark based Studio. Each design unfolds naturally and organically to reveal these one of a kind pieces that walk the line between art and design. 

The Blue Moon Design is made of contrasting mint and dark green merino wool with patches of soft rosé in luxurious mohair fibers. 

Hand Made Quality

Each cushion is hand tufted, this labor-intensive process involves turning each individual yarn loop with a special needle on a base fabric. When the tufting work is finished, the back is glued to seal the yarns and a protective piece of canvas sewn on the back. Lastly, the back piece of the cushion is created with a matching high quality  upholstery canvas and a contrasting zipper that matches the vibrant color of the wool design. 

The mounting cushion is made of canvas and filled with foam granules, which ensures that the cushion's unique shape remains stable and does not collapse. 

All pillows are tufted with wool and are individual in both shape and color. 


  • Front: 100% Wool (Mohair and Merino)
  • Back: high quality upholstery Polyester
  • Inner Pillow: cotton canvas filled with foam granules
  • Size: ca. 54 x 40cm


Ready to ship straight away, national shipping within Germany takes a maximum of 3-4 days and up to a week for other European countries. 

Our local delivery service in Cologne means your order will be with you the same day if you order before 2pm. 

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