Stenholt Glass

Unique pieces of glass art by a skilled craftswoman

Rikke Stenholt has been creating and selling her unique pieces of homeware in a beautiful old building in the centre of Aarhus since the early 90's. Her creations are exceptional in their distinctive usage of colour and organic forms. Rikke also combines and experiments with other materials such as bronze, copper, silver, gold, steel, leather, rubber and concrete. 

Her studio is open and you can watch Rikke working with the hot glass in her workshop as she creates her unique style of glass art. So if you're in Aarhus, take the opportunity to watch the master at work. 

  • Dansing Dish - Matcha


  • Sprout Mug


  • Small Dansing Dish - Oyster Yellow


  • Dansing Dish - Orchid Pink