Moodlight Studio

exploring and discovering new materials for a new aesthetic

Moodlight studio is led by material exploration. Continuously searching for new ways to recycle materials with a strong aesthetic. And seeing recycling as a challenging game, to design products made of waste materials, thereby saving ressources. These recycled materials are added to a mineral solvent and COV free resin. Thereby creating their own individual material products - such as Carbonite, an ultra lightweight yet very strong material made of crushed charcoal, or a heavy marble dust composite that naturally glitters. Most of the materials discovered become or will become products, or different finishes for a lamp. 

Each piece is made in the Moodlight Studio based in Besançon, France. The studio is defined by its low-tech work ethic, working with casting and molding techniques and mostly by hand.

  • Halo Lamp by Moodlight Studio


  • Swap It Lamp - Blue Marble Dust


  • Swap It Lamp - Blue Top


  • Swap It Lamp - Black & White Base


  • Swap It Lamp - Mini


  • Swap It Lamp - Teal Base