• Limited Edition 4 by Kristin Funken
  • Limited Edition 4 by Kristin Funken

Limited Edition 4 by Kristin Funken

Kristin Funken


The fourth edition of this limited collection focusses on the tongue, it's power to provoke and pleasure. 

"The tongue. Indispensable when speaking, makes it possible to taste and at the same time to be a sexual organ. Whether used offensively or felt defensively, the tongue is an aesthetic instrument."

This limited edition is hand-painted by the artist Kristin Funken. Every single work in this series is unique with a total of five copies, which are numbered and hand-signed by the artist. These collectable and unique pieces are characterized by the contemporary, reduced and provocative style that is typical for her. She paints with a double layer of acrylic on high-quality Hahnemühle paper. 


30 cm Width I 40 cm Height

hand painted acrylic on paper



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The Artist

Kristin Funken, a young artist from Cologne, reinterprets the body and sexuality. Based on graphical as well as natural shapes, she presents them in a supposedly simple and clean way in interaction with different color combinations. In her work processes, she draws inspiration from photographers, authors and her own experiences.