Our Designers

Portrait of furniture designer Liselotte Kirsch with her shelving unit in front of a store front

Studio Lecker

Lecker Studio prioritizes product and furniture design, with a keen eye for interior creations. Each collection reflects personal stories and values the small joys of everyday life.

Founder Liselotte Kirsch, influenced by her studies in Milan, emphasizes high-quality materials and fair production. Based in Hamburg, products are manufactured in Europe. The collection "LECKER BOOBIES" celebrates the unique beauty and strength of every female body, advocating acceptance beyond standards and ideals.

portrait of Trine Krüger, designer and founder of Haus Üger

Haus Üger

Haus Üger, led by Trine Krüger, merges artistry with functionality. Specializing in tufted cushions and carpets, their designs draw from nature and myth, transforming into captivating textile sculptures and wall art. Each piece is a bold statement, infusing personality into your home.
black and white portrait of Rahmlow Design founders, Aaron von Lüpke and Justus Leopold

Rahmlow Design

Then as now, the name stands for graphic furniture design, blending nostalgia and modernity to create long-lasting pieces in a family business. Made in Germany since 1984, re-established in 2017, Rahmlow Design believes furniture should adapt to your life. Their designs combine the 80s' free spirit with modern precision, backed by over 35 years of experience and partnerships with traditional German companies.

black and white portrait of designer Pablo Octavio

Pablo Octavio

Pablo Octavio is a young, independently working creative. In his cologne based studio he covers a broad spectrum of practice, from set design, residential and hospitality interiors through to furniture and object design.