• Wall Lamp by Studio Simple; Nave Shop
  • Wall Lamp by Studio Simple; Nave Shop
  • Wall Lamp by Studio Simple; Nave Shop
  • Wall Lamp by Studio Simple; Nave Shop

Wall Lamp by Studio Simple

Studio Simple by Serax

225.00 - €

The Wall Lamp is one of my favourite items. Its ideal for bringing light to a space without taking up vital counter top space. Wall lamps are also a great solution if you have either very high ceilings or if your ceilings are too low to have a hanging lamp. I'm hanging mine above my dining table in the kitchen.

It's also particularly transient and ideal for rental spaces as you don't necessarily want to be wiring the walls. This is a way to have a nice statement piece of lighting without having to wire anything. 



The horizontal protrusion is 120cm long the height of the bar attachment is 40cm.


Ready to ship straight away, national shipping takes a maximum of 3-4 days. 

Our local delivery service in Cologne means your order will be with you the same day if you order before 2pm. Let us know when we can deliver to you via the notes in check out.


The lamp is attached to the wall with 2 screws. The protruding bar can be moved horizontally to suit your needs. It comes with a cotton fibre covered wire and lamp fixture that is reminiscent of of a skipping rope made of wood and white ceramic. 

The Conical bronze lampshades are a beautiful addition to this lamp and are balanced over a globe light bulb as seen in the pictures below. You can adjust and move the shade, creating shadows and spots as you need. I think it gives off a beautiful, soft light. 

This is also a good match for the Nest bowl by Fundamental Berlin. You can tip the Nest on its head and use it as a lampshade which I think will look great with this Lamp. 

The lamp fixture is made for an E27 light bulb and I would recommend are large globe light bulb. 


The two designers Ann Vereecken and Jeroen Worst of Studio Simple love simplicity. The simple design and the choice of materials invariably show up again and again in the products made by this duo. The Studio Simple collection shows a universal character and provides that extra touch to every interior. A clear and beautiful example of design from the Netherlands, Ann and Jeroen have been working together for 20 years creating functional and poetic objects for every day use.