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  • Ashanti Ring

Ashanti Ring

Veronika Sola

165.00 - €

The one of a kind Ashanti ring by Designer Veronika Sola is a tribute to age old craftsmanship. Handmade by Sola in her Cologne Studio applying an ancient casting technique that's been used by the Ashanti people of Ghana for centuries. 


Small: ø 17-17,5 

Medium: ø 18-18,5

Large: ø 19-19,5

Please be aware that this is a handmade piece and that small differences may occur. 



925 Sterling Silver

Ashanti Casting

The Ashanti casting technique is a complex process in the so called "lost casting" in which wax models are coated with a mass of fireclay, bentonite and horse manure, which harden in the sun. The wax model melts out to create a negative which can then be poured with gold or silver. The shape of the jewellery is then manipulated by Sola in to an absolutely one of a kind and unique piece.