• Stem Zero Powerful Red Wine Glass - Nude Crystalline Glassware - NAVE shop - online concept store
  • Stem Zero Powerful Red Wine Glass - Nude Crystalline Glassware - NAVE shop - online concept store

Stem Zero Powerful Red Wine Glass

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Elegantly Tough

The Stem Zero collection is made with a highly innovative Ion Shielding Technology - the world's toughest, yet finest, lead-free crystal glass.

  • 35% stronger compared to any other glass with a similar thickness
  • Each bowl is specifically designed to enhance the experience and bouquet of your wines
  • extra thin lip to further improve the flavour experience
  • dishwasher safe 
  • handmade from lead-free crystal

What makes it special?

Revolutionary in its simplicity, the highly sophisticated glassware is destined to satisfy the most discerning wine connoisseur, each glass has been designed and engineered to enhance the experience of the wines. The lip is gossamer-thin, the bowl delicate, the stem precise. The lightness of Stem Zero focusses all attention on the senses, creating a sensation of weightlessness, allowing you to savour the aroma and taste in a way that until now was considered unimaginable. 





    So fine and light it defies industry standards, this relatively small glass presents an elegant, oval shape. The expertly designed silhouette is narrow at the rim to enhance the high notes and elegant character sealed in the grapes, as well as to direct the wine towards the tip of the tongue to highlight its fruitiness and tame the natural acidity. Ideally suited for delicate, white wine varieties, bonus point - it will also keep your drink fresh for longer. 

    • 450 cc I 8,7 cm I 22,9 cm
    • Suitable for fresh, aromatic and delicate white wines


    This tall and large glass allows for the heavier aromatic molecules to be freed and noticed, thanks to the "chimney" effect, which helps achieve an enhanced intensity of flavour. The towering shape directs the wine to the back part of the palate - naturally more sensitive to taste - while also preventing the wine from centering on the teeth and gums, avoiding undesirable tannin astringency. The significant amount of wine poured on the back part of the tongue creates a perception of mellowness and depth, characteristic of powerful red wines. 

    • 550 cc I 9,6 cm I 23,7 cm
    • Perfect for wine connoisseurs
    • special "chimney" design helps enhance flavour