Haus Üger

portrait of Trine Krüger, designer and founder of Haus Üger

Haus Üger, led by Trine Krüger, is a design studio fueled by a profound passion for materials, form, and colors. Krüger specializes in tufted cushions and carpets, crafting ingenious organic shapes that draw inspiration from mythical narratives, nature, and its ever-changing seasons. Each piece transcends its traditional function; cushions transform into textile sculptures, while carpets evolve into captivating wall and floor art. Renowned for her use of unconventional shapes, three-dimensional tufting, intricate shaving techniques, and unique color combinations, Krüger's creations are celebrated for their distinctiveness. With a vision that seamlessly merges artistry and utility, Haus Üger aims to captivate viewers, evoking a second glance and a smile. Infusing personality into every home, their designs make a bold and unforgettable statement.