Möbelsohn's Commitment to Sustainability: Partnering with Forstfreunde

craftsmanship at Möbelsohn: carpenter works on a draw front, filing it by hand

Möbelsohn demonstrates a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship through its collaboration with "Forstfreunde," an organization dedicated to improving our planet's well-being. Together, they engage in habitat restoration and climate change mitigation efforts.

"Forstfreunde" distinguishes itself with its self-initiated projects, ensuring genuine tree planting and promoting sustainable wood resources. Möbelsohn proudly contributes to this cause by planting a tree in Germany for every product sold. Through their close partnership, Möbelsohn and "Forstfreunde" aspire to establish a Möbelsohn forest, aiding in CO2 sequestration, providing habitats for wildlife, and offsetting emissions from production and delivery processes.

Möbelsohn's commitment to sustainability, coupled with its adherence to the principles of German craftsmanship, fortifies its position as a leading advocate for eco-conscious living and exemplary German product design in the global marketplace. 

We're delighted to be presenting this brand. A fantastic combination of modern design, craftsmanship and sustainability.