• Medusa Ring Slim
  • Medusa Ring Slim

Medusa Ring Slim

Veronika Sola

125.00 - €

Interwoven silver chains make up this unique ring with a classic and timeless design. 


"interwoven in movement and finally frozen in their intertwined form, medusa's snakes remain trapped in dance for eternity" 


This unique ring by Designer Veronika Sola is a tribute to age old craftsmanship. Handmade by Sola in her Cologne Studio applying an ancient casting technique that's been used for centuries. 


  • 100% 925 Sterling Silver
  • handmade in an ancient traditional casting technique


  • Small: ø 17mm - 17,5 mm
  • Medium: ø 18mm -18,5mm 
  • Large: ø 19mm -19,5mm 

Please be aware that this is a handmade piece and that small differences may occur. 


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