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Large Serving Dish Pure Sand

75.00 - €

Cooking with exquisit ceramics: pure romance, pure interaction. Pascal Naessens introduces "Pure", her first line of dinnerware. "Pure" is distinguished by its colour, vibrant glazing and embodies authenticity and warmth. It's based on organic lines and is made from natural materials.


For the Pure line Pascale Naessen was inspired by Tunisian ceramics during a trip to the country. On seeing the vibrant, local ceramics she had an urgent desire to create her own dinnerware and she promptly took lessons for a number of years from the ceramic artist Bie Van Gucht and attended several courses on ceramics, glazing and firing techniques before creating this line for Serax. 

Serax is a Belgian company, internationally renowned for its artistic tableware and cutting edge design. 


Made in Portugal

Dishwasher safe


Sand is a litte larger with a diameter of 36cm and a height of 6,5cm

Ocean Blue is 32cm in diameter and has a height of 7,5cm