• Oat Scrup Bar; The Nave Shop
  • Oat Scrup Bar; The Nave Shop
  • Oat Scrup Bar; The Nave Shop

Oat Scrup Bar


6.90 - €

The oats packed into this soap provide a lovely, soft scrub. Ground oats not only make a great natural scrubbing agent, they also have a special nourishing effect on the skin, removing dead cells, hydrating, and leaving a protective layer. After washing with this scrub, your skin will be left feeling wonderfully soft. The Demeter certified biodynamic oat flakes come from Spielberger Mühle, a family business based in southern Germany.

This scrub’s only downside; the heavenly scents of lavender, juniper, coriander seed and lime make it difficult to step away from the sink.

  • handmade
  • vegan and organic
  • plastic and palm oil free


The photos show lavender from the Werfzeep forest garden and juniper.

organic, handmade & vegan

free of palm oil, plastics or chemical agents such as SLS - not tested on animals