Bulb Lamp Grey by Ontwerpduo; Nave Shop - online concept store
Bulb Lamp Green by Ontwerpduo; Nave Shop - online concept store


Bulb Lamp by Ontwerpduo

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The Bulb Lamp reminds me of a Victorian Oil Lamp, bringing a little nostalgia into modern interior design. The Lamp is available in two colours: Grey and Green. They look great together in combination and I would recommend hanging them at slightly different lengths to add a little charm or singularly above a dining table or side table. 

Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink are the designers behind the design studio "Ontwerpduo". They had formed as a design team back when they were studying at the Design Academy and today they are an established name in the world of design. They are quite a special duo, the very definition of the concept "complementary".